Pricing Your Lafayette Home

Pricing a home to sell in Lafayette, without professional experience, is often complete guesswork. Getting that optimum price - not too high or too low, is a job that should be left to the professionals with the Robbie Breaux & Team. They have the expertise and experience to not only set the correct price, but give advice on how to sell the home in the quickest way possible.

In setting the homes selling price, the professionals at Robbie Breaux & Team will look at a price that;

  • Will attract buyers
  • While allowing the home seller to make the most money possible and,
  • Sell the home as quickly as possible.

But often times, without the advice of a REALTOR, homeowners will often over price their homes. This is usually caused by;

  • The desire to recoup all money spent on an over-improvement
  • Current financial needs
  • The original purchase price was too high
  • The homeowner has no information for similar homes that have sold
  • They may think pricing very high leaves lots of "bargaining room"
  • There is an emotional attachment to the home
  • The opinion of family and neighbors 

Over-pricing is much more common than under-pricing a home. The real estate agents with Robbie Breaux & Team understand these common mistakes and can explain why each of them may lead to (actually) getting less for the sale of a home, not more.

Contact Robbie Breaux & Team today to set-up a meeting to discuss your potential home sale and how our home selling marketing program works to get you the most from your home sale.