Showing Your Lafayette Home for Sale

The professionals at Robbie Breaux & Team can assist you in putting the best possible impression of your Lafayette home or condo for sale. Here are just a few things they might recommend for your home -

  • Make sure the front entrance of your home is clean and inviting.
  • Add vibrant plants and put down some fresh mulch.
  • Keep windows and floors clean.
  • Steam clean carpeting or replace it, if necessary.
  • Repair loose knobs, sticking doors and windows, warped cabinet drawers, broken light switches and other minor flaws.
  • Check and repair caulking in bathtubs and showers.
  • Open draperies and curtains to let the light in during the showing.
  • Clear all unnecessary objects from the kitchen countertops. If it hasn't been used for three months…put it away!
  • Leave on certain lights during the day. During "showings" turn on all lights and lamps.
  • Prune bushes and trees. Keep plants from blocking windows. 
  • Check paint condition of the house-especially the front door and trim. "Curb appeal really works!"

Try to look at your house "through the buyer's eyes" as though you've never been there before. Any time or money spent on these items will bring you back more money in return, and hopefully a faster sale.

Nine Minute Showing Drill for Lafayette Home Listings

Once your home is listed with Robbie Breaux & Team, you may get a call to schedule a showing that is to take place within the next few minutes. The following is a checklist for this type of panic:

  1. Sound: Turn off the television and tune a radio (low volume) to a soft rock, middle of the road or classic rock station.
  2. Sight: Turn on every light in the house (day or night) and open every drape and blind (day time only).
  3. Odors: Heat some frozen pastry slowly in the oven or heat a pan on the stove and then drop in a few drops of vanilla.
  4. Kitchen: Wipe kitchen counters, place dirty dishes in dishwasher.
  5. Bathrooms: Wipe counters, flush and close toilets.
  6. Living/Family Rooms: Hide magazines, newspapers, and games; remove clutter.
  7. Bedrooms: Make beds. Hide any clutter under the bed (not in closet).
  8. Exterior: Put away toys and clutter. Keep walk clear.
  9. Goodbye: Even though you may be tempted to stick around for the showing - don't! Even if the showing agent insists that it is okay to stay, you should leave. Potential home buyers must get emotionally committed to your home to buy it and they cannot become emotional about "their new home" if you, the current owners, are "hanging around." Please, at the very least, go into the backyard. Even better, go to the store.

For more tips on how to show the best home for sale, contact Robbie Breaux & Team today!